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l did a video.

Wait until it's ready.

Wow it's been 1 hour and my game still doesn't upload >:(

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You're game doesn't load anymore.

Did you change its startup options?

EDIT: Your game loads (after 10-15 minutes), but l have only a white screen.

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What? No

Oh and i never seen this text

l wrote that text.


In some live of scratch, someone played my game, and: The game loaded in 10 seconds or more, lol, i guess the loading can be more slower (depends of what dispositive you use)

l made v1.4.7. of BBFMD.

You have to change the fullscreen option when you enter to the game.

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This is just an option of the HTML export

I can't edit this


l like 0.1 and 0.1.1 update.


I'll fix this bug: you can't play the game


Oh, yeah. l also had that bug.

l waited 5 minutes and it was not loading.

By the way, l'm trying to find Stencyl Studio as a crack to publish to all platforms and maybe make money.


The game loads, but you need come back to the page and click to restore the game (enter again), i guess this is works, and if you want pirate the Stencly, PAY to get it.



Also l don't have credit card or paypal :(


you haven't fix the bug.

It still does not load.


Because this is NOT a bug

Oh man, l have problems when l'm importing on HTML5 <-- Click this.

Can you do me a favor? (l can't open your comment to scratch so l ask you here)


What favor, i'm free...

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l'm trying to make a Level Customator for BBFMD (like Johnster's). Can you try to make one in Scratch?

l'm telling you because l need help with the followings:

- Generating the floor: l almost did it.

- Generating the rooms: l haven't did it yet.

- Generating the items: That's easy. You don't need to do it.

- Generating the room floors: l also need help with it.

l don't except this to you, but if you can help with this, you will make me really pleased. Also l'll credit you if you'll help.

Remember that l'm going to help you.

Edit: If you need help with the beggining, build it like this.

Early look of Level Generator (without values shown)

Edit 2: The code of the Level Customator.

Then you need to make an empty and make  something like this


Ohhh, now i understand what do you wanted say... I'll try, I'm hope for did it.

And i'll try make the "Baldi IA" to he don't pass the walls...

It is easy to make Baldi gets blocked from walls but he'll stuck until you change your position.

And thank you for the help :D

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I can't make the custom map, and I mean, i will make a IA to make the Baldi find the player in a position without touch the walls, u understand?

edit: no no, the "Baldi IA" to make in Scratch is so hard, so, you have another favor?

l won it!!!

Mrs. Pompo is overlooping the class.

Did you made it by your own?

'Cos l have also made that to endless mode in BBFMD!!!


Overlooping? But she's stay in the center of the class, and a "endless mode"... I was never thinking this! I can add! I know, you don't talked for i add, but i have a idea for this!


l mean that when you enter to her class, after 2 minutes she finds you and she re-invites you.


hm.. so 80 seconds is 2 minutes..... ok


No 120 seconds = 2 minutes.

60 sec. (1 minute) + 60 sec. (1 minute) = 120 sec. = 2 minutes


In the next Update, the seconds of the Mrs pomp is "60 seconds" in the Scratch :)


XD Yoi have got the same bug with BBFTD!!!

Baldi always says "Let's go camping!!!" when you;re entering-exiting the door XD


I know lol, it's close to the new update out (with a ANDROID VERSION YAAY)


how can you make HTML5 to android? Is this program that you have from exporting to HTML5 includes .apk files?


no, no, the game have with a config to change to "Mobile", it isn't because the exporting, i made this in the game


Oh. You made joystick. Got it.


Yes, i made :)

l tried to make an inventory HUD on Stencyl but it is SUPER HARD. l failed.

i know how to do this, this is so easy... if i make one here in the Scratch, i can show you the logic.

Well if you can, thank you.

Also in Stencyl this is not easy.


If you see the script of BB+, you can see the logic with the code for works

But l don't have Unity or DnSpy.


DnSpy is free and is easy to find him

See something small l made:

My gameplay picture


New mod here!

'-', oh... and how do you fix?

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Please take screenshots of the mod!

lol l lost and the timer was 5 seconds ago to win.

So, this is your project that you told to me weeks ago...


What? Where's i telled this?

Remember? On Baldi's Basics Floor Maps Demo?

When you told: "Well my scratch project is way more bigger than yours." and then you told about this project?


Oh yes



Is this your channel?